The following are additional resources for those practicing the art and science of digital forensics.

Black T-Shirt Cyber Forensics Challenge
December 1, 2015
The Black T-Shirt Cyber Forensics Challenge is a joint academic and industry contest designed to promote interest in digital forensics, foster relationships among academic institutions, develop relationships between academia and the corporate sector, and provide a valuable hands-on exercise for learning and training. The contest runs from January 1 to April 1. Winners are announced in May. For more information or to register, visit:


Analysis of a Vault App
November 15, 2015
On November 6, 2015 The New York Times published an article of a widespread sexting ring at the Cañon City High School in Colorado. The students were using vault apps to hide the images on their mobile devices. This paper analyzes one of the mobile apps used in the sexting ring to identify how information is stored and what can be recovered.

PDF with results of analysis
Zip file with recovered artifacts including databases, plists, and images. (MD5: e0e4c937a1c1b3feb3fb91c3075a4e34 |  SHA1: 67a425b20e314e5571f18001b60d7f24703464ae)